Women & Creativity Group

In the Women & Creativity group, we will explore our histories, intersecting ideas, and women’s issues as well as materials–crafting, collage, and story-making–to share a little bit about our life experiences. Groups can offer a supportive space for unfolding lost or unconscious parts of ourselves that require a witness and understanding by compassionate others.

Through the creative process, we encounter different parts of our psyche; the work is a threshold that guides us into uncharted territory. In sharing our work, we invite an even deeper interpersonal connection.

RSVP to (415) 845-7657 or elkeullmer@gmail.com to set up an initial phone consultation to discuss your interest in the group.

Payment is required in advance to reserve a spot with an early bird 10% discount for signing up at least two weeks in advance of the start date. The group will not move forward without at least 3 participants, and no more than 6.