You Get To Be You

Women for Women
Elke Ullmer, 2015, Chaos & Insight

My mission as a therapist is to bring the Feminist movement back into the foreground. To help empower women (and by proxy, men) to become who they already are. This is the paradox of change–that you have all the answers already within you, waiting to be found. I want to sit with you in your silence, tears, pain, grief, and joy. I want to help enable you to access your full potential. No one should have to feel afraid to be who they are–“powerful beyond measure” (from Marianne Williamson).

The Whole Within offers that each of us is already whole, and sometimes we forget this. We forget our soul’s true desires, or we cut them off, leave them behind, and try to blend in, to play nice. And by doing so, we create a hole in ourselves that can sometimes get filled up with our longings, loneliness, or addictions.

Psychotherapy is about supporting you to be who you already are, to allow your soul’s journey to unfold, to shed the masks you may use to protect others from your light, your power. You do not have to look back at your life with hopelessness or regret. You get to make choices that are right for you, even if you have been hurt, wounded, or traumatized, cut off from your body and your feelings. You can reclaim your human right to these things. You get to be you.

In my work I want to support women to stand up for themselves, to be resilient. I want to support women to find a place of connection to themselves and the world. To use their voices. To not apologize for being themselves or for taking up space.

You get to be you, in all your messy, chaotic, wonderfulness. You get to be you with your shields and your armor. You get to be you singing wildly, dancing across a moonlit beach, waves crashing at your feet.

The world can take it, and if not, let’s work together to change it. Together we are stronger than apart; we are a movement, a tidal wave, a centrifugal force, demanding equality, and stepping into our wisdom as women, the wisdom that tells us we know what we know, the wisdom that tells us to face our fears, and speak our truths.

You get to be you no matter what, without apologies. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Elke Ullmer, MFT: Working with Women, for Women